For A Better Me

8:31 AM Pamela Wirjadinata 0 Comments

Long time no see you guys on my blog post! I've been busy in preparing my new clothing line which is POSH THE LABEL so I didn't even have no time to exercise.

However, recently I was introduced to NTC Apps on iPhone where you can just do an exercise easily. There are some exercises that you can follow to have a better lifestyle.
Out of all types of exercises, what I love the most is running. I always feel much better after running. I commit to myself to run more often from now on. I start my office hours at 9. Therefore, I must wake up at 7 to run for 30/40 minutes every morning before I start my day.

Why running? I believe that running can improve my health as it can boost my immune system. Running will also help me to burn off extra calories. As a grown-up woman, gaining weight is one of the scariest things in life lol. So I think running is the best way for losing weight or maintaining the consistent weight. Running can relieve stress and eliminate my depression too. When I'm depressed, sometimes all I need is get up, turn on the playlist and start to run!

Talking about my exercise outfit, this NIKE legendary tight really helps me to move without limits. I must admit that this pants is the most comfortable to wear. It comes with Nylon and spandex fabric that make my moves so comfortable with the printed area that is designed to emphasize my body movement. Also its dri-fit fabric really helps me to stay dry and comfortable.

Join me to NTC Tour Jakarta have a better lifestyle!