Good Bye 2014!

9:18 AM Pamela Wirjadinata 0 Comments

I just came back from Korea for Christmas Holiday and the trip was awesome. I have visited Korea before when I was in grade 9 and the country has became much more beautiful now. The weather was so extremely cold but the view was definitely worth it. Unfortunately, I left my pocket camera in my hotel room in Seoul *stupid* and now I'm waiting for the next tour leader there to bring my camera to Jakarta -.- So I will post more pictures about my trip as soon as I get the camera back! :)

Today is the last day of 2014.
2014 has been tough and an inspiring year for me.
I graduated from uni 
I came back for good to Jakarta (which is extremely hard to leave Singapore and believe me the moment after you graduate from college/ uni is not as easy as you thought)
I had an experience to work in the office which was really fun to know some friendly office mates who inspired me a lot. (however, I realised that I'm not the type of one who can sit nicely from morning-evening in the office)
My dad offered me to study Mandarin in China, I was pretty excited in the beginning but now I'm still wondering if I want to build my own business later, whats the point of studying Mandarin?
I finally made up a decision to run a small business with my friend which is Florist that went pretty well (@bloomingandco) and also an event decoration (@paperodecor) that my friends and I joined a team to design and decor your events :) 
Andddd so many ups and downs in my personal life.
I thank God for everything in 2014, I believe that everything happens for a reason and I do not know some of the reasons yet :)
I hope 2015 will be better in every way and all my wish lists can be perfectly ticked! :)