April Outfit Diaries

12:40 AM Pamela Wirjadinata 3 Comments

Some people always look up high, don't even remember to count their blessings. Sometimes, I am one of them. Always be thankful sometimes seems hard, when you face the biggest mental breakdown in your life. However, the more I meet people in my life, the more I feel so beyond blessed. When I feel down, rejected, sad or even worse, the whole world seems sucks to me. Everything that I do is such a mess. I am not satisfied with everything at all. All I do is complaining and so on. However, when I explore, hear and see more from the others. I am not alone. All people have their own problems. You may see their smile, laugh and joy everyday but their life is not that as easy as you thought. This is just the way how that person see his/her life. I really adore someone who is facing the worst part of his life and always says 'this is God's plan'. I am trying to always be thankful, because I know there are so many people out there who have 10x bigger problems than me. You just need to always remember that everything happens for a reason and you must wait to know what the reason is. Sorry for long random story lol. Enjoy my outfit diaries from April!

 photo IMG_5447_zpsixglhri7.jpg

 photo IMG_2771-2_zpsjak55hqu.jpg

 photo IMG_2954_zpskqtmpofn.jpg
Top - Sevrel The Label | Pants - Topshop | Shoes - Editor's Market | Bag - Balenciaga
 photo IMG_2958_zpsexybrnyx.jpg

 photo IMG_2959_zpsnzjbta5n.jpg

 photo IMG_2972_zpslzuuf8hg.jpg
Top - Milly and Charlotte | Pants - Sevrel The Label | Denim Shirt - Unbranded
 photo IMG_2985_zps5ss77ylg.jpg

 photo IMG_3038_zpsmbo3hfct.jpg
Dress - Milly and Charlotte | Heels - Zalora | Necklace - Arva.co
 photo IMG_3043_zpsx7gtgb21.jpg

 photo IMG_3044_zpsvwff0flq.jpg

 photo IMG_3037_zpsoyqthpaj.jpg

 photo IMG_3097_zpsncxchnkz.jpg

 photo IMG_3184_zpsa9rdo0ir.jpg

 photo IMG_3197_zpsjeactnku.jpg

 photo IMG_3191_zps420mjtzf.jpg
Dress - Milly and Charlotte | Heels - Zara | Earrings - Arva

 photo IMG_4755_zpsoesqczub.jpg
Top - H&M | Pants - Cloth Inc | Shoes - Pedro | Bag - B.y.o

 photo IMG_4772_zpsz4hkfkbs.jpg

 photo IMG_4882_zpsyf6krkhu.jpg
Jumpsuit - Mango | Shirt - New Look | Necklace - Bluebellys

 photo IMG_5485_zpsxjxnko2u.jpg

 photo IMG_5491-2_zpscjjmr1el.jpg
Top - ByJedy | Jeans - Topshop | Heels - Zara

 photo IMG_5573_zpsspiyepbt.jpg
Top - Topshop | Shirt - New Look | Jeans - The Ripping Chief | Shoes - Editor's Market

 photo IMG_6079_zps3pxaaj6a.jpg
Top - Zara | Pants - Eclair Collection | Shoes - Forever 21
 photo IMG_6058_zpszwhvtum8.jpg


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Ivana Split said...

Hi Pamela! I really liked the text alongside with photos. I agree that it is important to be grateful in life and to be aware of the blessings.

This is my first visit to your blog, I believe...I just hopped here from lookbook....and I must say I really like your elegant and minimalist sense of style.

Those photos by the pool are awesome.

great april outfit diaries!