Better For It - Nike Traning and Tour Experiences

6:42 PM Pamela Wirjadinata 2 Comments

As you can see from my Snapchat or Instagram, I just finished my NTC Training and Tour last week. I joined two sessions of NTC Training at Studio Gerak and Sana Studio. The training was so fun and absolutely tiring. I couldn’t even feel my legs afterwards lol. However, seeing all the girls’ spirit has been encouraged me to train more.

After joining the two sessions, I came to NTC Tour Jakarta 2016 at Kartika Expo last Saturday with my friends. I asked them to join me to the event. I was so amazed to see the enthusiast and spirit of the girls who joined the event. It was really fun to get sweat and exercise together. All the trainers were really cool and helpful. I was so thrilled to feel the ambience of the event. Fyi, this is my first time for coming to this kind of event. Definitely join for the next one!

When I entered the event, I had been asked to choose 4 classes. We have to complete one class first to move to another classes. I took Yoga, Dance, Strength and NTC Compete that day. I was so extremely tired but fun after the event. It really motivates me to exercise more and get a healthier lifestyle. I just realized there are so many women that really concern to have a better life. Thank you Nike and Clozette for these experiences!

Anyways, Although the NTC Tour is over now, you can still check out the fun activities organized by Nike here -


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This tour looks amazing to me! Glad that you had a great time my friend. We are going to attend a fantastic event at am event venue NYC. Will visit NYC soon for that and going to stay there for couple of days.