Hair Transformation by One Piece Indonesia Part 1

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As you can see from my Instagram post, I thought that I was too young to have boring black hair lol. Therefore, yesterday I decided to make my hair brighter. I went to One Piece Hair Studio, Mall Kelapa Gading for hair colouring. I used to have dyed hair before I change it to black. If you are wondering, which salon do I usually go for hair colouring, I always go to One Piece Hair Studio. I really love their services and products for hair colouring. It won't really damage your hair even after I finally bleach my hair. I always love their decoration and ambience for their salon, it feels so comfortable and luxurious.

Here are my photos with my previous hair. Yes, I did them all at One Piece Hair Studio. Yesterday, I went to the salon to say goodbye to my black hair. My stylist was Yuta from Japan. I told him what colour and style that I want for my hair. He said that it was too bad because I'd dyed my hair to black and it would make the hair colour hard to blend into my hair. However, I gave my trust to him to style my hair with his way. I actually wanted to have a balayage style one.

He decided to bleach my hair to make it brighter. While waiting for the result, I was treated well by their team. Their service is the best, their team are so helpful and friendly. They will help you as best as they can if you have any doubts or questions. The cleanliness and ambience of the salon will not disappoint you, I promise. They always use Japanese products like Shiseido for all the treatment. So you don't need to worry about the health of your hair.

TADAAAAA! Hello my new hair! I am now ready for summer :p This is my first time in bleaching my hair. I feel so satisfied with the result. Yuta really did a good job. My hair is not damaged after the treatment. My hair still feels so smooth and healthy. However, I need to take care of my hair more like hair mask or spa. I can't wait for my next visit to One Piece Hair Studio! Will share it with you guys x


Yes i saw it on your Instagram! You look more fresh and modern with the newcolor!Liked the insta post ;)

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I really like it =)
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Hi Thelma, thank you so much for your kind words x