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Hi everyone, I really want to say thank you so much for all birthday wishes and gifts that have been given to me. The best thing about birthday is I can feel so blessed and loved by my surroundings. I really appreciate all people that gave their time and effort to come to my place with cakes and balloons. Love you guys!

So many things that I've learned in 23 years. No doubt, I must say that growing old is hard. I know that I'm not young anymore. The future is the scariest thing in my mind nowadays. Here I share with you few things I've learned in my life.

1. People come and go easily
Even it applies to the people that you thought they will never ever leave you. However, times change everything, so I have to accept the fact that I can't please everyone to stay with me all the time. I must respect everyone's choice. Its so stupid to think that I can always rely on someone. Nothing can save my life except myself.

2. People judge, no matter what
Its so easy to judge someone, especially based on their social media. I've heard so many judgemental statement that come to me lately. I must say sometimes its so hurtful but I can do nothing. I realise that people will never stop judge you till the end of time. All I need to do is to ignore the people and live my life to fullest.

3. Respect someone's decision is so important
I need to say it's so important to respect everyone's decision. I believe that everyone decide something due to some reasons that you can't always understand. Why is it so hard to say 'This is my life, this is my decision, is there anything wrong?' Sometimes there are some people that always be so busy with everyone's life. All I can do is just to less care and more focus with my life. There so many important things to do rather than listening to the people that do not even care with you.

4. Making money is so damn freaking hard
I was the one who spent money so easily especially during my college life. My expenses were quite high and I didn't even think the way how I earn something. Yes, life was so pretty beautiful at that time. When I got back to Indonesia, I realised that I've grown up. I must earned money on my own. I was quite shock to see how hard it is to make money. I know I have to be financially independent as soon as possible. To find your passion and know what you have to do for your life is not easy at all. I'd been through so many things until I realised that fashion is my passion. I'm so thankful that I've found my passion and goals in my life. At least, I know what I have to do to achieve my goals. At this age, this is the hardest process that I have to fight my struggles during my startup. I believe it may be bleeding in the beginning but if I always work hard, things will get better. *fingerscrossed*

5. Fashion business and social media are not glamorous at all
You will never know until you have to step in this kind of business. What you see is not what actually happens. I thought that fashion business or e-commerce is a fun job. Since I did't have to stay in the office from 9-5, I could meet many people, my time was flexible. Then I realised that I was totally wrong. I have to manage my times alone. No one can help me to arrange my schedule. All decision is on my own. The hardest part of being an startup entrepreneur is managing times. Building a new brand is not an easy job. Working in fashion and social media is not as easy as you thought. I often only have approx. 3 hours of sleep to edit some pictures or create content.

Cheers to be a better woman ahead!