Korean Makeup Haul

9:28 PM Pamela Wirjadinata 0 Comments

I bought a lot of beauty products when I was in Korea. Korea is so freakin crazy about beauty and makeup product. You can easily find anything about beauty in every Seoul's districts. Seoul is absolutely a must-go-to place for Makeup Junkie (me too! :p).  And here are some my favourite korean beauty haul..

1. The FaceShop Perfume Seed Body Cream
I really love the smell of this body cream. It has rose scent which is so lovely and warm. I use this lotion every morning and it also helps my perfume last longer!


2. Laneige Multiberry Yogurt Pack
If you love chocolate or other sweet things, you definitely should try this mask. This mask smells like chocolate or candy or.. errr its hard to describe but it really has very sweet smell. You only need to leave it so your face for only 20 minutes and wash it with warm water, then your skin will be so soft. This one comes up with a small spoon too, to help you to take the cream easily.

3. Etude House Honey Wash-off Pack
I used to take real honey for mask. This mask simplifies me to use honey for my face. It also has ginseng extract that is supposedly good for your skin. Anyway, please don't use this mask for more than 10 minutes, you will be so hard to wash it off from your face lol.

4. Nature Republic Aloe Vera Soothing Gel
I really love this product!! I use this every night before I sleep because I don't need the perfume scents of any body lotion or cream. This one smells so natural and refreshing.

5. 3 Concept Eyes #BabyDoll
I use this one for base before I apply any eyeshadow for my eyes. The colour is so bright which helps me to highlight my eye lids.

6. Etude House Play 101 Pencil 
You can use this for your lip and blush also! The colour is so pretty, perfect for everyday makeup.

7. Nature Republic Blusher Shine Blossom
When I first time saw this blush, I felt like omg I have to buy it lol. The packaging is so cuteeee! The colour is also so pretty on my cheeks. I use this blush for my everyday makeup because it doesn't look too heavy and thick.

8. Nature Republic Highlighter
I've been looking for pink highlighter and I think this one is a good idea. The texture is so good and highlight your face perfectly with little shimmery. I use this one for highlighting my nose and my cheek bone. 

9. Etude House Color My Brows
Since I dyed my hair to brown colour, I always need this kind of thing to match my brow colour to my hair.

10. Nature Republic Aqua Peeling Gel
I use this soft peeling gel once a week before applying any mask. It cleans up your skin so the mask will work more effective when you're using it. 

11. Nature Republic Cleansing Oil
I use this oil every night before I wash my face using clarisonic. I really love how this oil removes my makeup! 

12. InnisFree Apple Juicy Emulsion Lip&Eye Remover
Been looking for makeup remover in Korea and I just found this good remover from InnisFree. What I love about this product that it smells like an apple :p

13. 3 Concept Eyes Water Gloss #Funny Booster
I would not leave Seoul without any lip product from 3CE lol. I really love their new product which is this water gloss. It feel watery in the first but then its really pigmented to my lip. And also this colour is just to die for ;)