Sunday Brunch

1:46 PM Pamela Wirjadinata 0 Comments

Throwback to yesterday's outfit that I wore this lovely playsuit and maroon blazer for Sunday Brunch. Anw, its been raining for about 10 hours and I got a little pool in front of my house lol jk. However, seriously, I stuck at home today due to the flood :( There are many things to do but they all must be hampered. Back then when I was still a student in high school, I was so happy if there were heavy rain and flood HAHA because I could skip school that day. Even I created a blog titled iloverainydays LOL. Nowadays, I really hate bad weather and wish the rain could stop right now..

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Playsuit - Marple | Blazer - Topshop | Shoes - VNC | Sunglass - MiuMiu

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