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Hi everyone, if you guys follow my snapchat, you must know that I just finished my #20dayslimcochallenge.












This is basically the menu that I have consumed in a month. Start from 5 October. You can see that you won't get the same menu each day.

First of all, I wanna tell you about SLIMCO. Basically, they serve you diet catering with less salt, no sugar and high protein plan meal. For my package, they deliver me 2 meals each day, lunch and dinner. Their menu changes everyday, so you will not get bored with your foods.

I gained weight before I took this challenge. I often consumed junk foods, snacks and unhealthy foods. So, I decided to change my diet habit into a healthy one. 

I consume their meals starts from 5 October until 31 October. The final result is I feel satisfied for the healthy choice that I took. The result is not only for weight-loss, however since the meals are healthy and no fried oil absolutely, so I feel that it affects my skin too. I usually have few pimples when it comes to my period. This month, my skin is just getting better.

Talking about weight loss,
I don't lose much weight as I expected, but all my size has decreased than before. Its because I did workout too, so its harder to me to lose few kgs. I don't know why but I hardly loose weight when I go to gym. For the result, my waist size has decreased from 72cm to 70cm, hips size from 93cm to 92cm. I lost 1,5kgs in total. I'm now still working on it to get my weight goals. Thank you Slimco for the healthier lifestyle!