Six Current Favorite Pink Lipstick

9:45 AM Pamela Wirjadinata 0 Comments

If I got a question about which one the most important for makeup or one thing that never left my makeup bag. I would absolutely choose lipstick! For me, its the hardest part to refuse buying lipstick than any beauty products lol. So now I wanna share with you about my six current favourite pink lipstick.

1. Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupte #33
I had been looking for Ysl #52 everywhere and got nothing except "SOLD OUT WORLDWIDE". Fyi, Ysl 52 is the most wanted Ysl lipstick at that moment because of one korean actress wearing that lipstick in her drama and look so nice and pretty so everyone has been crazy about that. Im one of them lol. Just because I couldn't find number #52, the girl told me that number #33 has similar colour. Yes I found the colour is very close to number #52, even though number #52 is slightly brighter. I cannot choose which one better because I like both of them! ;)

2. Laduree Glossy Rouge #03
I bought this lipstick because it is Laduree, ya because everyone is absolutely in love with their macaroons. So who doesn't fall with this cute feminine lipstick with beautiful packaging? The colour is soft pink which is suitable for natural-looking of everyday makeup.

3. NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream (San Paulo)
I love this pink lip cream because it gives matte effect to my lip without making it 'cracked' (you know what I mean). Moreover, you can get it with affordable price compared to other brands. The pink colour look so pretty and natural.

4. MAC ChatterBox
I bought this pink lipstick because of @imjennim was wearing this lipstick in one of her videos. The colour is so nice and suitable for daily makeup or night out.

5. Marc Jacobs (Boom Boom)
The colour is very close to fuchsia, I always love wearing bright colour for my lip, as I wanna make my lip as the main point for my makeup. This colour is quite popular because its hard to find the stock in the first month of Marc Jacobs entering Singapore. I must asked a help from my friend to buy this lipstick from US because I couldn't wait to use this lip product lol. Oh one more, this lip lacquer has mint flavor when you apply that to your lip which is very unique! I also love the shine finish of this lust for lacquer.

6. Dior Addict Fluid Stick (#575 Wonderland)
What I love the most of this product is the packaging. Once it looks like lipstick, but when you open it, its lip lacquer! The application is more similar when you applying lipgloss. However, this one is more pigmented and long lasting than any lipgloss.