Eyelid 101

3:45 PM Pamela Wirjadinata 0 Comments

As you can see from the picture above that I'm not blessed with those dreamy eyelids that everyone looks for. I've been using eyelid tape since I was in college or since I fell in love with makeup. I really want to take the famous Korean eyelid surgery but I don't have enough courage yet lol. So, I don't have any choice except using my eyelid tape everyday.

I just received these invisible eyelid tape and fake eyelashes from Miss Bowbow. Firstly, you certainly can see the difference from my eyes in the first picture and the second one after using the eyelid tape. My eyes are getting bigger huh? You can follow the direction from the back of its packaging or visit their website here. No worries, its very easy to use though. Secondly, their fake eyelashes are so natural and reusable. Thanks for sending me! :) 

Anyway, I just got my black hair back! ;)