Hair Transformation by One Piece Indonesia Part 2

8:57 AM Pamela Wirjadinata 0 Comments

Say hello to my new hair! Styled by Hisato Suzuki from One Piece. I finally decided to say goodbye to my ombre hair and back to this natural brown hair. As you can see from my photos, my hair looks so much better and healthier. I went to One Piece by Hisato few days ago at Lippo Mall Kemang. I gave my trust to Hisato to transform my hair into a good one. The concept is just to make my hair looks healthier. I dyed my hair black few months ago and it means they should bleach my hair first before dye it brown. They bleached my hair two times and finally put the brown colour for the last step. However, my hair looks much better now even though there were two times of bleaching process. For you guys who are afraid to do bleaching process, it may damage your hair a little bit, but One Piece only use the best products for your hair to minimise the risk of bleaching. They also suggest me to do a treatment at least once in 1-2 weeks or use the hair mask more often. In overall, I'm very satisfied with the result! Couldn't find another good salon to dye my hair except One Piece. So in love with my new natural brown hair ;)