The Struggle is Real

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Being an entrepreneur or even what they call a #GIRLBOSS is not really easy. Its even harder from your hardest subject during your school. I can't imagine how hard they (what we call successful #GIRLBOSS) struggled at their era. The one thing that I learn from them is they never give up to be who they are now. I really admire and adore women who have something that she earned from zero to hero. As a young woman who has a startup business, sometimes I need more encouragement for myself to keep going in the business that I choose. My friends and family are not the one who can understand my struggles in this industry. Some of them are so helpful and always be there for me, it really helps me a lot. However, the one who can save my life and my job is no one except myself. I must say that the world of business is so damn scary. People will do anything because of money. People that I thought were so kind and helpful, in the fact, they are not 'that kind'. No wonder, I am still a newbie in this kind of business. Sometimes its really hurtful to see the fact that you cannot trust someone easily. Seeing some interviews of women who have been through my phase really helps me a lot. For all of you who currently feel to give up, you may try that way to get off my doubts. I don't wanna be someone who will regret of what I didn't do in the past whereas there were so many opportunities.

Here I share with you what books and interviews that really help me a lot during my struggles.

#GIRLBOSS by Sophia Amuruso

This book encourages me to start up my own fashion business. You know that taking a part of fashion business is not the thing that I'd learned during my college. Learning from her story, you will be amazed how can someone be a successful entrepreneur despite of her background or education. I've seen so many people underestimate me how can I run my business where I can't even draw a pattern. However, I believe you can do anything with your effort and belief. This book is so so recommended for who wants to start up your business.

LOVE x STYLE x LIFE by Garance Dore

I don't know if whether it is possible or not to have two dreams in your life. I'm so interested in blogging beside my interest in fashion business. I love to share my stories, interests and outfits through this platform. The hardest thing now is the time management. It's so hard to manage my time when I should take a good picture for my blog or when I should think about my production and marketing problem regarding my business. This book encourages me to be more focus for my blog. Also she tells you how hard it is to be a successful influencer. I really respect what influencers do for their life. Being an influencer is not a fancy thing. Its not just going to a good place everyday and take a tons of good pictures. I know how hard it takes to think about the concept every time they have to produce a good picture for endorsement. Therefore, I am not surprised how they can charge high fee for their Instagram postings.

You have to own this book if you want to be in the fashion business. It teaches you step by step what you need and prepare before starting up your fashion label. I use this book as a guide to prepare my business from the beginning. Thanks to the author who makes my start-up way easier.

I studied earlier in Singapore and since then I've been following her social media. She is one of founder of Love, Bonito which is the most successful fashion retail in Singapore. I love how she wants to encourage all young women to have more confidence of what they do. Watching her interviews is so inspiring. She had a lot of struggles in the beginning of their career, however, she told us how she overcome her problems to get what she wants. You should check out her inspiring interviews from the link above.

For all start-up babes, the struggle is real. Hope we can finish what we start and stay positive x


Hi Pamela, I saw this look on Lookbook and I really wanted to compliment you about your outfit!! But then I also saw that you wrote this inspiring article: thank you so much for sharing your struggles! I just finished the book #girlboss and I thought it was terrific. I also really want to read your other recommendations!

I wish you all the best for the future and hope you will fulfil all your dreams! You look stunning in a very powerful and elegant way! Please feel free to check out my blog

Xx Susanne

I Totally love the outfit, so edgy but chic, you look so pretty on it ^^

Hi Susan, thanks for ur sweet words! Will try to make more recommendations. Wish you all the good things too! Have nice day x

Hi Ann, thank you so much!