Diet Tips

8:45 PM Pamela Wirjadinata 1 Comments

Hello everyone! Im gonna share with you my diet tips, how I gained 10 kilos and lost it back. When I was in high school, my weight was about 46-47 kilos or 101-103 pounds.

I moved to Singapore for college n my life was too easy and happy there LOL. I often ate junk foods (McDonalds, KFC) and supper! Plus no day without snacking. I rarely went to gym. So, I gained about 10kilos/ 20pounds in less than a year.

My friends kept telling me to be on diet but I couldn't control my appetite. I couldn't stand to eat desserts, french fries or doritoz. I swear I cried every night if someone once told me fat. My jeans, skirts or dresses couldn't fit any longer. My size has increased from UK6/ US 2/ 34 to UK10/ US6/ 38 (OMG!) I realised that stress couldn't help me to lose my weight back. I needed to do something. When I finished my Diploma degree, I went back to Indonesia for two months and my diet started. Here, I'm gonna share with you guys some diet tips that worked for me.

1. Never skip breakfast.
I have never skipped breakfast since I went on diet. My fav breakfast menu was whole wheat bread + skippy + skimmed milk. Low fat cereal, granola, fruits and yoghurt would be okay to start my day. Importantly, my breakfast menu must be high fiber, low fat and gluten-free lol. Eating breakfast in the  morning made me could control my appetite to reduce my lunch and dinner portion.

2. Reduce my portion of foods.
Don't overeat! I always tried to not finish up one whole portion of my food and stopped until I feel like its enough to survive my starvation. I know it sounds inappropriate to not finish up the food but yaaa you can take away the rest of the portion and eat that later! I usually reduced the carbo only (rice, noodle, sandwich bread) Here are some examples,

I still often had lunch or dinner outside with regular meal but I minimised my intake of the rice like only about 4 tablespoons worth. When I ordered steak or burger, I only ate the half portion of its fries or one part of the burger's bread. However, I still finished off the meat, soup and the veggie. When I was living alone in Singapore, the most instant food that I liked was instant ramen or indomie. I usually spilt the ramen into two parts and only ate the one part. I replaced the other part with something healthier like veggies or eggs.

3. Good bye for awhile to junk foods and snacks!
Say byebye to Doritoz, Cheetos, Nutella and MCD! I have never had junkfoods mcd or kfc for about one year (yay!) I stayed away from snacking chips  like doritoz or cheetos. Try to replace your chips with protein bar or fruits.

4. Cut down the desserts.
I couldnt resist to have desserts on the weekend or when all my friends were having them. I still consumed desserts but I reduced my intake of them. I restriced myself to have desserts only on weekend and shared the portion with my friends. For example, I have never finished off one slice of cakes by myself! 1/4 or 1/2 of one slice was enough.

5. Eat more fruits and veggies.
Instead of snacking or having chicken rice. Sometimes I replaced my dinner with salad or fruits. The picture below was taken at Toss n Turn Singapore, they have the best salad ever! Fruits and veggies are good for your health though.

Move your ass and burn the calories! The most often I did was running. For the first two months I went on diet, I ran regularly on treadmill at the gym every weekday (speed 6, incline 15, time 60minutes) it could burn 400-500 calories in an hour. I only went to the gym when I was having holiday in indo. Since I went back to Singapore for having new semester, I didnt go the gym anymore (my bad) but I still did some exercises. I did one of these exercises every night before sleeping. Its only 5-10 minutes exercise! 
(1) Sit up 3x50 times.
(2) Plank 3x1 minutes. 
(3) 10 minutes body workout
If you dont have a time to go the gym or jogging, you still can follow up the simple workout to burn your calories. It will give you the worth result if you're doing that regularly.
Ohh when I got free time, I did yoga in my room following the Yogify app from Apple. I loved the app since they helped me to do yoga easily, they would lead you step by step. I usually followed for the beginner one (30-45 minutes)
Yogify (Click the link to download the app!)

7. Motivation.
It would be much easier if you have a motivation. I thought of some people who said that I was fat to encourage me to exercise and control my appetite. I wanted to show them that I could be skinny again. It might sound weird but it worked for me he he. Always remember that hard work paid off!

8. Make your transformation picture.
I was extremely happy if someone told me that I was skinnier. I often made the transformation picture (before n after) for every progress I did. It motivated me to lose more n more! :)

2014 (Now)

I finally managed to get my previous weight. My weight is around 47-48 kilos now and Im quite happy for it. Eventhough, sometimes I still complained he he (girls will be girls). My size turned down back to XS/UK6/US2. I know there are many beautiful curvy women out there. Its your life and your choice. The most important is self-confidence. Do whatever that will make you feel better. For me, I feel more comfortable with myself if my weight is less than 50 kilos (at least). Hope this post will motivate you if you're on diet! Just remember you're beautiful whatever your shape is. Good luck ;)