Travel Diary: Osaka, Japan

11:52 PM Pamela Wirjadinata 0 Comments

Hello everyone,
Since I will have few free months while waiting for my new intake, I decided to make a blog. My first post will be about my trip with my girls to Japan. I will show you some pictures I took in Japan. So read below! :)

The fourth week of July, my friends (Kalonica, Jessica, Irene and Natasia) and I were going to Japan for our holiday after finishing our last paper. We studied in Singapore last time and would be back (sadly) to our hometown for good. Therefore, we came into a decision for having an unforgettable trip together.

We went to Universal Studios Japan right after touch down! The weather was rainy unfortunately. We got a lesser time to play the outdoor attractions. However, we still had fun!

Its so fluffy. Im gonna die!

My favourite Sanrio's character... HELLO KITTY!

Snoopy-themed Lunch Time!

Photo Studio session with Kitty!

After spending the whole day in Universal Studios, we went to Shinsaibashi for shopping and having dinner. Fyi, Shisaibashi is kind of heaven for shopaholics (I am one of them) because you can find many brands from A-Z, especially COSMETICS. Too bad i didn't take a photo of my makeup haul OMG I really loooove their beauty products!

The Tastiest Grilled Beef and Pork EVER